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Book 1 - Low Res

BOOK I: The Obligatory Origin Story


BOOK II: Sir Balin, Lady Killer


BOOK III: The Best Table Ever

Supplementary material for volume one

Book 2 - Low Res

BOOK IV: Sibling and Cousin Rivalry


BOOK V: Romans Need Not Apply


BOOK VI: Sir Launcelot’s Excellent Adventures


BOOK VII: Prettyboy and the Fabulous L Sisters

Supplementary material for volume two

Book 3 - Low Res

BOOK VIII: Tramtrist? Seriously?


BOOK IX: Tristram’s story just keeps going on like that, huh


BOOK X: Surely this is the home stretch for Tristram


BOOK XII FLASHFORWARD: the Pasted-in Finale


Supplementary material for volume three

Book 4 - Low Res

BOOK XI: Elaine & Launcelot & Bors & Brisen


BOOK XII: Launcelot’s Bogus Journey


BOOK XIII: Sir Galahad is just the best


BOOK XIV: Twist Ending


BOOK XV: Being the Better Man


BOOK XVI: Sir Bors is Pretty Okay


BOOK XVII: Grail Grail Grail Grail Grail



Supplementary material for volume four

Book 5 - Low Res

BOOK IX: The Missing Piece


BOOK XVIII: Exploding Fruit


BOOK XIX: The Lady’s Not for Burning


Book XX: Things Fall Apart; Everything Tends to Decay


BOOK XXI: Seriously, Arthur Dies at the End


Supplementary material for volume five


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