1. The introductory post

2. Introducing Randolph Carter, and his travel into the Dreamlands

3. He crosses the Enchanted Wood of the zoogs

4. And arrives in Ulthar, the City of Cats

5. From there he walks to the port city of Dylath-Leen

6. And sails through the Basalt Pillars of the West

7. From there he ends up on the Moon (!)

8. At last he arrives in Baharna, the city he came to Dylath-Leen to book passage to.

9. He sets out from Baharna through the Oriab highlands

10. Eventually reaching Mount Ngranek

11. From that height he’s cast into the Underdark, specifically the Vale of Pnath

12. Where he connects with his buddies the Ghouls

13. They lead them through the City of the Gugs

14. And from there, back to the Enchanted Wood, where war is a-brewing.

15. Carter travels north through the Oukianos river valley

16. And sails from Hlanith across the sea

17. To distant Celephais, the capital of his friend Kuranes.

18. He sets off across the Cenerian Sea again, heading further north

19. And arrives in the holy city of Inquanok.

20. He sets out across the vast onyx-fields

21. Coming, at last, to the accursed plateau of Leng.

22. What with one thing and another he ends up in the ruined city of Sarkomand.

23. Near there he reconnects with his Ghoul buddies.

24. War ensues between the ghouls and the moon-beasts!

25. With the help of ghouls and night-gaunts, Carter flies up towards his destination.

26. He reaches Kadath at last!

27. Carter beats the Devil.

28.  And, finally, he learns the true object of his quest was his hometown of Boston, all along.


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