The Histories, by Herotodus, as examined by me.

Book I: Clio

  1. The Rise of Croesus
  2. The Fall of Croesus
  3. Side Trek on the Riches of Croesus
  4. The History of the Medes
  5. The Rise of Cyrus
  6. The Fall of Cyrus
  7. Side Trek on the Persian Empire


Book II: Euterpe

  1. Side Trek on the Source of the Nile
  2. Side Trek on the History of Egypt
  3. Side Trek on the Story of the Clever Thief
  4. Side Trek on More of the History of Egypt


Book III: Thalia

  1. Cambyses as Conquerer
  2. Cambyses as Wicked
  3. Side Trek on the Invasion of Samos


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