I Liked It: The Dreamhounds of Paris — 6 Comments

  1. Confidential to myself: the song “The Future, the Boot” by Unwoman.

    Now you ask us what did we do
    For the revolution today?
    We learned when life throws you sarin
    To sing a sweet serenade

    Suddenly everything depends upon us
    We’ll determine whether
    Our future is a big boot
    Stomping on a human face forever
    And if we win will we win
    Just the right to our new chosen leader
    Or is there something bigger
    To believe in to unite us under

    It’s inevitable these methods
    Decide how our world goes
    As falls the king so we know
    As we seize the crown so we grow

    You know entropy always wins
    But what rises from the ruins?

    • I’ve read complaints that it would be a better fit for a bunch of systems that aren’t Trail of Cthulhu, which I think are valid complaints, but as a thing-to-read the system isn’t quite so important anyways.

  2. That pretty much rings all the bells. I’ve got bookhounds of London and have, of course, done sweet F.A. with it but it is a good read and sounds like this improves on that model even as it narrows focus to pre-gens.

    Wyndham Lewis and the Vorticists don’t come up do they? Probably too early.

    • The book is really focused on the Parisian scene in particular, and there’s a disclaimer about how there are umpteen other artists and scenes in London, New York, Your Hometown, etc., that deserve to be included but that just was not possible.

  3. Wow, this sounds great. How did I not know about this?

    I’m just starting a Trail of Cthulhu game. I have no idea what it will end up like, but in my head it is, “Nick and Norah Charles team up with Philip Marlowe to discover horrors that man was not meant to know – and true to form deal with their slow slide into madness by throwing a cocktail party.”

    Your review makes me wonder if I’m taking the entirely wrong approach. Thanks for the recommendation!

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