I Liked It: Britney Spears and a Belt Buckle — 4 Comments

  1. Will check it out. Glad to have recommendations for the plane flights.

    My podcast consumption is limited to some jokers I know at Appendix N and Aggrochat; Rachel and Miles Xplain the Xmen; Cthulhu Breakfast Club and the actual play rpg sessions from RPGMP3.

    Oh, and the BBC’s WW1 and culture of WW1 podcasts. Following up on that abortive history degree.

    • (Appendix N is at best uneven.)

      Rachel & Miles X-Plain the X-Men has educated me about a woeful hole in my comics reading, ie everything X-men between the Dark Phoenix saga and… really everything Marvel since the early 1980s I’m not fully up on.

  2. I saw something about this recently; I definitely recall the whole ‘Jake Gyllenhaal’s height’ thing being mentioned. If you’re recommending it, I’ll definitely have to check it out.

    • Yeah, Jake Gyllenhaal’s height wasn’t great as a mystery. I suspect that there aren’t enough compelling mysteries on the radar to sustain the show long-term, but the good parts of the show are good and the less good parts aren’t insulting or anything.

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