Primary Sources: Le Morte D’Arthur, Book VI Chapter XII — 3 Comments

  1. I seem to recall from my readings of Le Morte that no one like Kay because he was kind of a loser and kind of a braggart. Like, he’s essentially just a fancy butler, right, but he thinks he’s this big thing, even though everyone could kick his ass. I can’t remember why I thought that since you seem to have gotten a better impression of him.

    • You know, I thought that too until I started following along here. I now honestly think Disney is to blame, and The Sword in the Stone has coloured my perceptions far, far deeper than I’d realized.

  2. re: Sir Kay discussion question: Maybe the armor changing trick that Launcelot pulled is, like, a regular thing that knights do to Sir Kay. So basically everybody’s left a trail of chaos and destruction all over the British Isles while dressed up as Kay, and that’s why everyone’s so mad at him.

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