Primary Sources: Le Morte D’Arthur, Book I Chapters XXVI and XXVII — 9 Comments

  1. some of them are almost a year old, some of them are a month old, some of them are less than a month old, Malory tells us (apparently he’s forgotten how birthdays work)

    Wow. Malory kind of sucks at this whole storytelling thing, doesn’t he?

  2. But…didn’t he know who bore this child of his doom? Why try to re-create biblical stories? Why not just go after the one kid? Unless I missed something?

    • I relayed your question on to Merlin. “Because fuck you, that’s why,” is apparently the answer, hope that helps.

      • By which I mean “Merlin is a dick and rather than tell Arthur that his half-sister’s youngest kid is his, Merlin gets him to kill a wad of babies.” I don’t mean “that’s not a reasonable question.” It’s a reasonable question the answer to which is that Merlin is a horrible person.

          • Should get Mike to weigh in on the subject of Merlin being a horrible person, I’m sure he has an opinion about it.

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