AIRPORTATION: More Than Ten Years On — 5 Comments

    • Uh, let’s see. In the last year I wrote another novel-length Community fanfiction, and then, finally properly warmed up, I wrote an actual non-fanfic novel, with characters and a plot and everything. To my knowledge at least two of the six people who tried to read the manuscript made it all the way through!

  1. I might as well add my two cents here and post the filmography of my character, the B-movie director I modeled on Sam Raimi, Wes Craven, and any number of other makers of horror/action schlock. See if you can catch the debt 30-year-old Mike had to David Foster Wallace OH I’M SORRY THE ENTIRE EXERCISE WAS A BLATANT COPY OF INFINITE JEST’S FAMOUS FOOTNOTE 24:

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