Very spoilery comments on Dragon Age 2 — 2 Comments

  1. “My wife romanced Fenris…”

    For a moment, I thought you meant your PC had a wife and this NPC did the romancing and then you mention retrying the romance and I suddenly had this wondrous vision of a game that would allow for that. “Even if the ending is crap, I want to play that!” Then my brain caught up and wrecked my innocent dreams.

  2. I agree, DA2 does mostly fall apart at the end, which is too bad, because some of what it does is just wonderful. The game has significantly different dialogue/character development for the companions depending on whether you’re going for friendship or rivalry, and how you do their quests — it’s worth playing again, or watching some online videos anyway, to see all the different outcomes. Same with Hawke, actually.

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