By Special Holiday Request: the History of Tolkien’s Elves (part II) — 5 Comments

  1. Damn. Somehow you have made me go from not caring in the least about the stupid Tolkein elves into caring a small-to-moderate amount! Need more!

  2. Galadriel really is a firecracker guys. No lie. She has some strong words for some folks coming.

    Also perhaps important is that Aman was physically on the same planet as Endor at this point. When elves go into the west in LotR proper they are doing something with boats that is 98% magic at that point. At this time getting there not on a magic island would have been only about 20% magic or so.

  3. This is arguably a more compelling read for me than the actual LotR books were. And obviously it is more compelling and easier to follow than the Simarillion.

  4. No need to say who good your work is, you get such feedback from your followers. As I am a “Tolkien scholar” I’d like to focus on some mistakes 🙂

    The Teleri are not the same as Sindar, and they are not “a mix of the second and third tribes”. Each team was a tribe on its own, but the Teleri were then divided to other tribes: the Wood-elves (the Elves under the Hobbit’s Elvenking and Lotr’s Galadriel) who stayed behind first, the Grey Elves (Sindar) who also stayed behind, and the Sea-Elves who went to Aman with the Noldor.

    Also there is a small “theological” misundestanding about the Elves: The Valar knew that the world was made for the Elves and made everything in preparation for them, anticipating their awakening. They didn’t discover them by chance as unknown meat-creatures. They didn’t know where and when, that’s why we get the impresion that Orome “discovered” them.

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