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  1. I feel the same way about Shepard, even though both Jere and the boy have played through parts of the games as M!Shep (I feel that way about Hawke, too, but the male Hawke’s voice actor is definitely better at being snarky, while Jennifer Hale owns Shepard entirely).

    • Dragon Age 2: worth playing? I’ve heard less than great things online, but online is where opinions go to die.

      (That reminds me; neither Emily nor I have finished the last 15% of Dragon Age 1.)

      • Yes, definitely DA2! I mean, it has its share of issues, but there’s a lot to love. Maybe finish DA:O first; you can probably skip Awakenings, though.

        • I meant to ask: what origin(s) are you playing? I’ve tried them all, but I’ve only played elf mage and city elf rogue to the end (and Jere did the human noble warrior one). I’m actually currently replaying DA2and trying to rivalry everyone.

          On a tangent, have you guys played Borderlands 2? The couch co-op is surprisingly fun.

          • Back when we got it, Emily made a female mage (~85% completion) and I made a male mage, then I decided not to play the same class as her and made a city elf rogue, then I got bored with that (~50% completion) and made a dwarf warrior (~80% completion), then I stopped playing entirely.

            I hadn’t thought about it, but both my elf and my dwarf were female. The elf because the female city elf’s origin seemed much more compelling, and the dwarf because I don’t know why. Maybe because dwarf society seemed so patriarchal. Maybe it turns out I just prefer making female PCs in video games, given the chance.

  2. Huh, I always play a woman when I’m playing Saint’s Row too. It just makes the game so much better for some reason.

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