Primary Sources: Le Morte D’Arthur, Book XIII Conclusions — 3 Comments

  1. Grab your sword and don your mail
    and Quest ye for the Holy Grail
    E’en though we know you’ll fail…

    …eh, I got nothing.

  2. So…for the longest time, Launcelot has been a bit deal. I think you may have said that he reads like a serious Mary Sue character. But that makes his whole “but you don’t get the grail” bit a lot more interesting.

    If Mallory is projecting himself onto Launcelot what does it say that the former best knight ever is now not going to win the grail? Is it some grief in Mallory’s life? Or maybe is he saying to himself (through Nacien) “buck up, you’re not some holy dude who’s going to find some magical sippy cup, but when it comes to being a sinful, worldly, bad-ass there’s no one can top you. Also — you get to fool around with the Queen and maybe that’s better than being holy”.

    Incidentally, I really appreciate you going through the book like this. You read Pendragon and you think it’s all Grand Adventure and the Matter of Britain, but man, the actual books have some serious problems. Your commentary, completely fixes all of those problems so kudos.

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