Primary Sources: Le Morte D’Arthur, Book XIII Chapter 18 — 3 Comments

  1. Again, taking this seriously for a moment, I’ve got to wonder if there’s some significance to stealing Launcelot’s stuff. I mean, it seems so out of character for Jesus to tell people to steal someone’s expensive helmet.

    Of course, there’s lots of views of what Jesus would do under different circumstances. I wonder if Mallory wrote this bit thinking, “I really don’t understand why Jesus would do that,” or if he “got it” in a way we don’t.

    Like the Aztec Night Wind. Night Wind was a god who wandered around encountering people and would either grant their hearts’ desire or take them off so they’d never be seen again. Now, did your average Aztec actually believe this, or was it more the same way we say “Opportunity knocks?”

    • NB I identify the squire as Jesus based entirely on the proposition that who, besides Jesus, could get away with saying “it’s not stealing if I tell you to do it?” At least in the context of the Grail quest.

      Krishna, in his Arjuna’s-charioteer guise, I guess.

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