Primary Sources: Le Morte D’Arthur, Book XIII Chapter 7 continued — 4 Comments

  1. I must admit, though, that I would not have put catering on the list of its accomplishments. But I suppose that’s a bit foolish of me. I suppose God wanted to send a Sign of His Puissance, and thought it might be nice to make it fun for everyone involved instead of the usual three-headed calf or whatever.

    It’s kind of cool, actually.

    • In the first few books of Le Morte D’Arthur, up until his marriage to Guenever, Malory describes Arthur throwing a lot of nice parties, and of the few characters he mentions by name and remembers to give the mostly correct name each time, Sir Kay, Sir Griftlet, and Sir Lucas, Arthur’s caterers. In Book VI, after a bunch of knights are released from a dungeon, Sir Kay cooks like twenty pounds of sausage per person, to feed them. Malory thought more about catering than he did about most non-jousting topics, is what I’m saying.

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