A question for you, the loyal “Le Morte D’Arthur” reader — 17 Comments

  1. I am completely content with the pace you are setting, however I promise not to post angry comments on Tuesday if the update isn’t there. I will continue to read no matter what you do.

    • You’d be surprised. Unless “I’m way behind on that” is just a polite way of saying “it’s not really my thing.” Which is possible!

  2. I’m happy with the current pace. I think you should post it as often as *you* feel like posting it. If you’re enthusiastic post lots (yay) if you get burnt out pull back.
    I’m still really enjoying it. Sir ill fitting suit was particularly awesome.

    • I’ve managed to keep my current update schedule since June, with a lead time of 3-8 weeks, so no worries about burnout at the moment.

  3. I also think you should post at the pace you are comfortable with.

    Also, when you’re done, this might be a fun ebook! I can offer my editing and electronic publishing skills.

  4. I have you bookmaked on my phone’s browser. I check in daily. I don’t see any reason to slow down. Particularly if part of the goal of the exercise is to keep you writing.

    Heck, I checked in on Saturday morning when there usually isn’t an update. This is a bonus.

    How far in advance are you writing? What’s the buffer level? If MWF update just means you have six times the buffer at the end of the year you’ll have a free ride through 2015.

  5. I’m content with the pacing. I usually let it build up for a week or two and then read them all in one evening.

  6. I will keep reading with delight no matter what your update schedule is. I miss updates pretty often with the current schedule, but then I go back and read the earlier posts that I missed and it is all good.

  7. I can’t emphasize enough how I feel about this: I want you to proceed at the pace that makes you happiest. I’m enjoying the hell out of this, and it would be horrible if it stopped being fun for you.

    I’m on board regardless of your update schedule, and I get the sense that most readers are.

    I suppose I qualify as being ‘behind’, as I just started Book VIII, but I came late to the party. If you were looking for any suggestions at all, I will say I wish it was a teeny bit easier to access each book seperately, like an archives. Currently I just always keep you up in my chrome browser tabs, or I lose my place.

  8. Do it as often as you wish, but I appreciate having it there every weekday. I did get a few months behind at one point, but it only took a few days to catch up and it was a lot easier to follow, not unlike having a season’s worth of DVDs rather than watching a show as it is aired. It is way cool, no matter how often you do it.

  9. I realise I am very late to the party and my opinion on the second thing is completely irrelevant by this point (though I hope you ended up continuing at 5 days a week), but I just wanted to throw in my support for how awesome this series is. Seriously. It’s great. I’ve missed a lot of sleep due to not having a whole lot of spare time in my normal day because I just can’t get enough of it.

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