Primary Sources: Le Morte D’Arthur Book VIII Chapter 31 — 3 Comments

  1. “And also tell her I said that the only love in these islands that compares to hers and Launcelot’s is mine and Tristram’s.”

    Wow, really? Awwwwkwaaaaaard …

    Also, I wouldn’t put it past Tristam to just slit his throat. His venery-practice notwithstanding.

  2. Yeah, it’s really hard to read Isoud’s message as anything but “hey, let’s be friends, and incidentally I know a dark secret about you.”

    Or does she? One of the most striking things in Illiad is Helen’s comment to Paris along the lines of “Yes, I love you, because the Goddess of Love did you that favor. But I want to go back to my husband, because my love for you doesn’t trump my duties as a wife. And that’s not even mentioning the whole ten years of war that could have been avoided if you had just left me alone.”

    So maybe it’s a situation where everyone know that Guenevere is in love with Launcelot, but as long as she doesn’t commit adultery, that’s okay because love just happens.

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