1) I discovered dozens of small typographical errors in the ebook version of Books I and II (available here, possibly free depending on when you read this).  Ebook assembly and publishing has been a learning experience.  I’ve fixed all the errors I found, but the changes won’t propagate through to the downloadable file for something like 12 hours, I’m told.  Apologies to the ~30 or so of y’all who took advantage of the file being available free already!  Try redownloading tomorrow?

2) If you enjoy reading it, please consider writing an effusive review on Amazon.  Doesn’t need to be long, doesn’t need to be well-reasoned.  Doesn’t even need to be effusive.  I’m told reviews are helpful in getting Amazon to suggest an ebook.  I’m not asking you to perjure yourself, by any means.  If you dislike it, you can write nothing, or write a negative review if you feel that’s appropriate, even.

I used to tell that to my students when I TA’d organic chemistry and it was time for student evaluations, in grad school.  One of them once wrote “he does not know anything about chemistry and should not be allowed in the building.”  Generally they were substantially more positive than that, though.

You could also tell people about it in real life.  I’m just brainstorming here.  I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life.

3) I tell a lie, there’s a third thing.  Just so you’re aware: Books I and II as available on this website don’t precisely match up to the ebook.  The ebook has been cleaned up, polished, made more readable and less error-filled.  Future volumes of the collection will include added bonus material, Merlin’s Top Ten Crazy Prophecies and the Best and Worst Knight Names, that sort of thing; I didn’t think of it for this volume until too late.


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