1) At the current rate, I expect to complete my commentary on Le Morte D’Arthur around mid-spring.  Not this spring.  The spring in 2014, FYI.  Tristram alone will keep me going until, like, Labor Day.  This is just an estimate.

2) Have you enjoyed reading Primary Sources: Le Morte D’Arthur?  If so, would you like to read it again, in cleaned-up, painstakingly edited, Kindle-friendly form?  If so, are you either a member of Amazon Prime or else willing to pay a little bit of money for it?  If so, enjoy this link!  That’s right!  It’s Book I and Book II of my commentary, in cleaned-up, painstakingly edited, Kindle-friendly form!  Assuming I filled in all the right forms, now or else very soon you can also spend slightly more money and obtain it in printed form, suitable for reading after the Rapture has destroyed all electronics.

(What’s more, through KDP this first week it’s available the price of the Kindle edition is zero dollars — that is right, free!  At least it’s supposed to be; I’ve never done any of this before and there are flaws in the process.  Which is to say, despite my earlier instructions, Amazon offers to charge me money for the file, and probably would also charge you.  I’ll see what I can figure out.)

Projected future volumes include Books III and IV; Books V, VI and VII; Books VIII and IX; and Book X.  Book X is very long.  Then there’s books XI through XXI… But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

If every reader of this blog bought three copies every day, I think that would be enough to pay my mortgage.  (No, I am not holding my breath on being able to pay my mortgage with POD King Arthur money.)

So do your part!  And remember, if you can recruit two other people into becoming regular readers, you only need to buy one copy a day!  And if each of y’all then recruit five more people, then it’s just one copy a week!  And if each of them then recruit fifty more people, it’s just one copy a year!  You can probably manage one copy a year.  Your path is clear.


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