Trixie shows up at the rendezvous point, as promised, and she’s tanned and cheerful and totally ignores Gawaine, just burns him, ice, man, she’s ice.  But Uwaine and Marhaus and the other damosels discuss their adventures, and Trixie tells the fabulous story of her awesome year that started after she dumped Gawaine and ran off with Sir Carados’s friend.

Before too long, a messenger from Arthur finds Uwaine and Gawaine.  Apparently King Arthur has changed his mind about the whole exile thing, and wants them to return to Camelot.  Which they figured would happen eventually, so, they aren’t too shocked.  The messenger is a little annoyed — he checked Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, everywhere, trying to find Uwaine and Gawaine, and they were having strange adventures the whole time.

Anyway, Gawaine and Uwaine bring Marhaus back to Camelot with them, and Arthur’s happy to see them, and he throws a tournament to celebrate, which Marhaus wins.  Sir Pellas arrives after a while, with Nimue, and Nimue introduces him to Arthur and Pellas ends up joining the Round Table alongside Marhaus, and they have more tournaments and Pellas is another one of these crazy magic super-knights who wins like a winner.  Pellas doesn’t reach the top of the Camelot Jousting Roster, though, because any time he’s obliged joust with Gawaine he refuses to participate — he hates Gawaine — and forfeits.

Malory flashes forward, here at the end, and explains that Marhaus eventually dies fighting Sir Tristram, and that Pellas actually achieves the Grail, one of only four knights to do so.  Pellas is also basically the only knight who never, ever fights Sir Launcelot, even in tournaments, because Nimue knows that Launcelot is unstoppable and arranges for her husband to be unavailable whenever he’d be up against Launcelot, and she gets him assigned to the same team as Launcelot more often than not.

This last chapter is pretty short, so here.  Enjoy this animated GIF of Gawaine (well, the actor/character I visualize as Gawaine) getting punched in the face, courtesy Eiramisu on Tumblr, apparently.


The actor playing Pete Campbell on Mad Men, getting punched in the face by the actor who plays the English guy on Mad Men.  It's a very short clip from Mad Men, is what it is.

Sock it to him, Pellas.



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