Primary Sources: Le Morte D’Arthur Book I Chapter II — 5 Comments

  1. I’m quite enjoying these. A couple comments:

    “…Uther better hurry up and become less unlikable”
    — yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Uther is pretty thoroughly terrible.

    Discussion Question: Why doesn’t Malory include Gorlas’s name or mention that Morgan le Fay and her sisters are Igraine’s daughters?

    Because he’s not a very good writer? That said, the movie “Excalibur”, which is loosely based on Le Morte D’Arthur, while leaving out Margawse and Elaine entirely, does make it abundantly clear that Morgan (Morgana in the movie) is Igraine’s daughter by the duke, and thus Arthur’s older half-sister.

  2. Man, if I was going to be talking about versions of the King Arthur story that are better than this version, I would need a whole other blog. Or like fifty blogs.

    • There’s the expression “many a mickle makes a muckle,” which is English for “many pennies make a dollar,” but according to Wiktionary it’s an incorrect and idiomatic misuse of mickle. I just know what I can find from free resources online, man.

  3. The place: high school English class. The event: Excalibur
    Our teacher forgot to fast forward past the siring of Arthur scene. In the awkward stillness, the boy I had a crush on barked incredulously, “He’s still got his ARMOR ON!”

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