Notes from a Commonplace Book

Truism: every conflict fought w/ diff weapons and diff (flawed) tactics. Spice Wars greatest conflict of the past generation indication wars of next “terrible beyond imagining.” (1300-1306)

Named for source in territorial dispute between two provinces of the Perfected Empire, between Branches Bend in Submission Province and Erstwhile Vigilance Province. The dispute soon became armed revolt on the part of Erstwhile Vigilance against the Prefecture, backed covertly by the Diamond Isle.

First test of Yellow Teeth Remain Sharp’s empire. YTRS up to task, produced longlost weapons etc maybe looted from Citadel of Rosepetals, sent small squads of best agents, ruined rebel production depots, agriculture, etc., using vast gouts of elemental energy.
Almost no troops dispatched during the Spice Wars, but deathcount greater than all but the worst months of L War. Both sides employed “invocations of apocalypse” freely, ecosystems of spice-producing islands permanently (?) ruined. Massive famine, partially controlled/averted by Imperial seizure/reallocation of crops from rest of nation. Death count in 10^6 range.

Spillover into Yomno resulted in first contact w/ Yomno in centuries, loss of thirty Undying aristos (!!) in unholy battle (!!).

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