Geb, secretary to the Silver Marquise, has kindly provided a summary of the esteemed Ol-Rasta’s life and achievements, adapted from Ka-Rone Social Directory 1492 Edition

859: Born in the Low Quarter of Ka-Rone to anonymous artisans.
865: Selected by Brown for magickal training, enters into the Lu-Benan school.
875: Applies for, and received, entry into the Academy of Recognized Truth.
880: Promoted to Class Two scholar.
881: Promoted to Class Three scholar.
895: Promoted to Class Four scholar.
897: Graduates from the ART. Promoted to Class Five scholar. Accepts comission of Baronet of Silver Pastures in the New Provinces, led DIN into victory at First Battle of Joon, Second Battle of Joon, and Battle of Wine.
900: Completes construction of Silver Pastures Manor.
918: Fashions the first drill-which-is-not-there.
924: Enters the Dark well under the Most High and achieves Undying status. Granted title of Silver Marquise.
927: Destroys the Undying On-Ricto, Duke of Trifles, during certamen; claims his vacated seat in the Tower of Tongues.

930-1070: Redacted by order of the Most High.

1072: Formally accepts the courtship of Ki-Kerap, then a promising ART student.
1080: Denies Ki-Kerap three times before the Most High.
1088: Leads the hunt of Ki-Kerap and destroys the Astrolabe Unneedful.
1104: Accepts invitation to the Council of War, made relevant by outbreak of the Last War.
1106: Decimates the city of Softwater.
1109: Decimates the city of Break. Awarded the Pol-Tandem Medal for the first time.
1115: Survives assassination attempt.
1118: Eliminates Seventh Perfected Legion from beneath the Celestial Firmament. Awarded the Pol-Tandem Medal for the second time.
1122: Constructs the first mill for the reworking of an animal’s mind. Though early experiments are disrupted by the Bleaching of 1123, this becomes the basis of Domination.
1140: Begins association with the Pelagic Master.
1145: Assists the Pelagic Master’s visit to the Celestial Firmanent; is severely wounded by the Smelter of Souls.
1161: Assumes sponsorship of the ART and title of First Professor.
1166: Steps down as First Professor of the ART, continues to act as sponsor to the present day.
1180: Constructs the second mill for the reworking of an animal’s mind.
1201: Admitted to the Warpless Circle.
1215: Uplifts Vera Ilermalken.
1312: Executes Peering Into the New Day, a mojh runethane so bold as to apply for admittance into the ART.
1340: Constructs the mill for the reworking of a sibeccai’s mind.
1380: Becomes patron of Immerstadt the Prolific.
1405: Announces retirement from public life and a rededication to the study of Dominance; resigns as sponsor of the ART.
1478: Resumes sponsorship of the ART.
1480: Constructs the mill for the reworking of any frail mind; publishes On Dominance to general acclaim.
1491: Awarded the Ki-Kerap Memorial Prize for Advancement of the Science and Art of Cosmological Thaumaturgy for achievements in the field of Domination.

SEE ALSO: The Academy of Recognized Truth, The New Provinces, the Smelter of Souls, Vera Ilermalken.


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