When will we follow your rules?
When will we do what you say?
When will we walk your curves?
We all remember Borr Morrtock’s Day

(Chorus, “Walk Your Curves,” by “Ba-Ba” Ba-Renatis (organistrum and backup vocals) and Forrerr ‘Dirty’ Valnarreb (litar and lead vocals), performed 8/19/1491 in the House of Yes)

I hate children, and as I grow wiser I find the definition of child expands. Breathers, eaters, fuckers, nothing but monkeys in the street or cattle in the field. Every day they get younger, stupider. Their only use is as basal matter; from them we recruit our members and replace the ones that failed and fell. There is just one bright spot: with the continuing advances in runic elementalism, it’s only a matter of time before we can dispense with them altogether.

Some of them fawn and simper like well-trained beasts, and some of them requite my disgust. I go back and forth as to which camp I despise the more. Admire spirit, in the abstract, but admire it in the gross flesh and one sinks to the level of an infant. The self-proclaimed Neverists spit in the eye of tradition and drip their own doom with every new proclamation. The Most High, in its wisdom, has declined yet to act against these would-be rebels, but the day will surely and shortly come when the children will be punished for their willful ways.

Times change. As late as fifty years ago, no child would have dared speak against the Tower or the Most High; such would have brought down an infinite reprisal. Now a new boldness has infected them, or maybe they no longer care what happens to them and their filthy get. I have sent letters to my associates in the Warpless Circle, proposing several potential solutions to this problem. My more radical suggestion is the elmination of the children entirely from the space of the Only City Ka-Rone; this suggestion I do not doubt will be denied. My ally Ev-Batlin’s relatively moderate proposal to allow dissemination of the forbidden art of stilling will find firmer support. If they lie about in a drunken stupor they will not riot.

Still, I would like to see them rounded up and executed.

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