Brightest lamps burn quickest, and so it is with our land’s greatest hero, Hold High Your Head/Honor Is The Birthright Of All/Wisdom Comes From Generosity, called by some In’trr Rrith’rr or Head-High. The highland folk call our land blighted for it is neither fertile as the First Steadfast Plantation, nor mineral-rich as the Nine Open Gates, but the Humble Arid Hills province has long been a loyal part of the Perfected Empire; Head-High represents an entire unsung corps of Perfect heroes birthed in our lands.

Head-High was the first and the greatest, the champion of our folk who carried the banner at the Battle of Three Triumphs, who won for the Prefect through worddeath and plague, through storm and tremor. Even the proud men of the Nine Open Gates respected In’trr Rith’rr.

When the Prefect sent forth heralds through the land, declaring the coming unity and the war for unity, the fires that birthed the Perfected Empire, the traumas of surgery on the wounded body politic, when the stormclouds collected on the Southern Peaks and lightning-men danced down and played at burning the fields of First Steadfast Plantation, then In’trr Rrith’rr traveled eight days and nights to the tent-city of Opal Fists, and swore service to the Prefect.

When the Prefect sent forth an army of clay-faced ants with hammers and helmets, In’trr Rrith’rr rode at the head of the column, with the other heroes of the War of Formation. When the Prefect set alight the city of Love Wear Green, In’trr Rrith’rr bore the bone torch. When the Prefect called for the head of the last free king of Arid Hills, it was In’trr Rrith’rr who smashed the First and Last Frame. When death came to the Opal Fists, it was In’trr Rrith’rr who met and took its counsel. Head-High did not live to see the United Imperial Peace.

Some say In’trr Rrith’rr did not die, but one day will return and save Humble Arid Hills province in our hour of need. They say his tomb is but a cenotaph, and when the Prefect needs him, he again will come, holding the banner of the Prefect in his left hand and the Maul of the Eightfold Miseries in his right, and the giants will hear him and tremble.

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