Hel-Morrid’s word was the word of Time, the rune that connects each moment with each moment following, that change can occur and one thing may move past another. For the word of Motion is not the word of Time, but those runes are related even as the river relates to the sea.

Hel-Morrid’s art was the art of the jeweler; he wrought divers fine things. His birds of copper and zinc flew through the world of the air with a pretty song from cunning pipes. His crowns of silver, spun like cotton and silk, graced the crowned heads of the Verr.

Hel-Morrid’s peace was the peace of understanding. Eschewing temporal politics, Hel-Morrid explored the life of the mind: moving up and down, under the surface of the Sea of Creation and above, towards the Celestial Firmament.

Hel-Morrid’s work was the work of the empiric, the one who denies that which is not of the senses and who asserts his ability to see and hear clearly. His Treatise on Clarity laid out his view and Hel-Morrid was too good for this world. His was the discovery of Untime, and to him was posthumously awarded the Ki-Kerap Star.

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