The treasonous Seven Errors Manifesto, as distributed throughout Branches Bend in Submission province in the weeks prior to the Faen Massacre of 1320:


Error the First: We have allowed the forces of our natural enemies to freely move across our borders.

Error the Second: We have engaged in the demeaning trade of faen lives, selling prisoners of war as slaves.

Error the Third: We have permitted the misrule of Diamond-sympathizers and cat’s-paws including but not limited to House Olmannassa and its head Ferdondil, House Quallsome and its head Oolorth, and House Meda and its head Ja-Olos.

Error the Fourth: We have paid tribute to the Perfected upstarts, sent to their warchief Yellow Teeth Remain Sharp in the Citadel of Rosepetals, refusing to follow the example of Rrerrshbar.

Error the Fifth: We have forsworn nature-magic in favor of the decadent, foreign, and giantish magic of the Dark.

Error the Sixth: We have abandoned the Million Gods in our arrogance and either accepted foreign false idols or else rejected religion altogether.

Error the Seventh: We have restricted ourselves to peaceable and nonviolent expression of grievances.

All These Errors Shall Be Redressed! Too Long Has the Wordwood Suffered! The Elekan River Shall Run Red With the Blood of the Oppressors!

On Midsummer’s Day, 1320 years after the founding of Ka-Rone, a terrorist organization calling itself the Children of Liberty seized control of seventeen towns within the Wordwood, including the recently-resettled provincial capital of Branches Bend in Submission province, the Citadel of Bended Branches. Local Imperial offices were put to the torch and over nine hundred Imperial officials and aristocrats, including Archduke Ferdondil Olmannassa, then viceroy of the provice, and at least eleven children. The Children of Liberty declared the Wordwood independent of the Perfected Empire and themselves its provisional government, warning Prefect Yellow Teeth Remain Sharp against intervention.

Just retribution was swift and fierce. The military action known as the Faen Massacre and more properly termed the First Reconstruction Expedition began four days later, and by the first harvests in Southerly Rivers Converging province, the Wordwood was declared pacified. The fanatic Children of Liberty refused all offers of clemency, amnesty, and mercy, fighting to the last man. The centers of terrorist activity — the Citadel of Bended Branches, Olmaratassa, and Poranoth were decimated: every tenth faen slain and the surviving population enslaved and sold to fund the Expedition. Since that time, Branches Bend in Submission province has been ruled directly by the Prefect’s agent, Archduke Kort Whitefoot the Undying.

Thus shall it be to all traitors.

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