In the city of Ka-Rone, capital of the Diamond Isle, sit more than twenty accredited institutions devoted to the instruction of young giants (and to a lesser extent, the other and lesser races) in the art of magic. These colleges vary in size from the small, selective, and oddly-named Saint Verita School for Wayward Foundlings (a quasi-monastic group with an annual graduating class in the single digits) to the massive Ka-Rone Institute for Dissolution of Knowledge (the campus of which stretches out for nearly thirty acres, and supports a permanent population of over a thousand).

None, however, may claim more prestige than the Academy of Recognized Truth, usually called simply the Academy. Currently sponsored by Her Grace Ol-Rasta the Silver Marquise (class of 897), the Academy boasts the finest instructors, the finest materials, and the finest alumni network in the Mother Countries. A larger percentage of its graduates (most often magisters, though the Academy possesses a healthy College of Runes as well) go on to assume the mantle of Undeath and Aristocracy than any other institution. A degree from the Academy is a sure indicator of future success, be it in the armed forces, industry, the arts, or politics.

The Academy’s faculty, like its student body, draws entire from the ranks of giants. The mojh runelord Peering Into The New Day applied for admission in 1312, gutted for its insolence, and its head kept on a pike at the main gates of the Academy, where a faculty member ensorcelled it to provide directions to visitors.

The school inhabits a single building, but one rumored the largest in the Mother Countries. The Academy’s footprint covers more than a half-mile square, and its central spire overlooks even the Tower of Tongues across the river.

See also: Ol-Rasta the Silver Marquise, the Tower of Tongues.


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